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Retained Search

Charles Dahl Group’s Retained Search procedures have evolved over the years into a series of well-defined steps.  The orderly progression of these steps is designed to insure that the most highly qualified candidates will be discovered and from these will emerge the most ideal match to the client’s opportunity.

Position Specifications and Analysis:  During this initial phase we meet with you to learn about the specific position title, compensation, reporting relationships, education and work experience of the ideal candidate.  Together we prepare a profile of the personal characteristics, education, and experience desired to match the opportunity and the organization culture.

Research and Sourcing:  Once the above criteria for proper candidate selection have been established, we begin the critical stage of the search process.  Normally, newspaper advertising, trade publications, and internet job boards do not yield a superior candidate – they must be sought out and actively recruited.  The superior candidate is rarely reading employment ads and following job boards.  We identify comparable organizations from which key individuals can be contacted.  It is the role of the search consultant to then further identify specific individuals with established patterns of accomplishment, contributions and success.  Several resources are utilized at this stage including various appropriate data bases, membership lists, and internet information.

Candidate Evaluation:  After our research and sourcing is completed (one-two weeks), several qualified candidates emerge for evaluation and comparison.  Intensive interviews are conducted with the most promising candidates.  In-depth evaluation and appraisal cover issues such as work experience, education, professional development and achievement, career goals, objectives, and business philosophy.  Following this evaluation, we conduct reference checks.  It is our practice to speak directly with individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidate’s job performance.

Candidate Presentation:   At this time Charles Dahl Group will present to our client our list of finalists.  We will assist in scheduling client interviews with the selected candidates.  If you request our presence, we are pleased to participate in the interviewing process. We are always happy to provide suggested interview questions and to take an active role in structuring the interviews.  Our involvement can be as limited or as extensive as you desire during this phase of the selection process.

The Offer:  After a candidate has been selected as the most ideal, Charles Dahl Group takes great care that our client secures an acceptance from this individual.  If any concerns arise in the final hours, we act as a third party intermediary through which important details of the offer can be communicated, negotiated, and resolved.  Attention is paid to all circumstances arising from a job change which include adjustments in compensation and benefits, stock, partnership, spouse careers, real estate and relocation details.

The Follow-Up:  After the chosen candidate has settled into the new position, we will remain in contact to assess the fit from your and the candidate’s perspectives.  In the unlikely event that unexpected concerns develop, this follow-up contact will identify potential issues early in the hope that adjustments can be made, if necessary.  Our records indicate that 98% of our retained search hires result in successful matches.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations on time and within budget by helping you select and retain the best candidate possible to match your opportunity.

Exclusive Priority Search

An exclusive priority search is designed to assist clients quickly identify, attract, and fill a position that may not play as critical a role in the organization as to require a full retainer search.  The position to be filled is, however, a very important position and requires timely attention and a confidential, thorough, professional search methodology to be employed.  An exclusive priority search can be customized to fit the client’s needs.

Contingency Search

The contingency search is commonly utilized for the more routine positions, which do not represent an urgent, critical need.  The same expert advice and evaluation of candidates is employed but the search process is not as timely and exhaustive as in a retainer or exclusive priority search.